Why You Should Buy A Contemporary House

Despite the name of the houses, Contemporary houses are not necessarily a house that’s up-to-date or a new home. It’s actually its own style of house. However, they are houses that have been mainly built in the 20th and the 21st century, and due to their modern and unique looks they are often easy to spot. With their up-to-date appliances, large windows, and eco-friendly materials they can be a great choice for anyone looking to buy a house.

What is a Contemporary House

Contemporary houses are houses that reflect the current style, the 21st century home. It is the house style that tends to change the most through the times as it adapts to the newest trends. And although it is classified by the exterior of the house, the exterior often reflects the interior and modern design styles for the inside of a home.

A contemporary house is most often marked by big windows, and lot’s of light indoors. In todays market, you will often find the contemporary house to be installed with a lot of smart devices. They also tend to remain neutral in color, black, whites and browns are the most common colors – although you can find them in other colors at times.

The Contemporary houses are very out-of-the-box and are often the least cookie-cutter houses. They are recognizable for the irregular and strong geometrical shapes, open floor plans and eco-friendly designs and materials. You can find these houses all across the US and in every state. The Contemporary houses are marked by their simplicity and are most often build with stone or wood exteriors.

The History of Contemporary Houses

The Contemporary house doesn’t have a lot of history since they mainly started to be seen in the 20th century. However they are often inspired by the homes of the Industrial Revolutionary period and current trends of todays styles. They are unique for often being built with recycled and green material, with an emphasis on taking care of the environment.

“The trends of contemporary architecture are constantly evolving and changing.”

Carla Ayers

Price-Point and Availability

To find the current price ranges and available search by house type here.

In conclusion, we love the unique look of each of these houses, and how they are out-of-the-box houses. Our favorite feature of the Contemporary style is the large windows and abundance of natural light. And, although it doesn’t have a lot of history, we believe that these houses will be a style for centuries to come.

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