The Conestoga Valley School District is located within twenty minutes of Lancaster City, and within an hour of Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Reading. The rural district gives you the country feel, with the convenience of being location near larger cities.

CV covers multiple townships including Upper Leacock Township, West Earl Township, and East Lampeter Township in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It also has several small towns within its district, including Leola, Brownstown, Fritz and Smoketown.

Most of the district is agricultural, with small towns and suburbs dotted throughout it. It’s not unusual to be driving down the road in the summer and see locally grown vegetable stands and fresh egg signs out. The schools themselves do not have Amish or Mennonite students, however it is not unusual to see their buggies on the road. This continues to set the culture of safety, honesty and hardworking that Lancaster is known for – and CV is no exception.


The school district consists of one high school, one middle school and four elementary schools. The district has 6 full-time counselors on staff and the teacher ratio is 14:1. It is also one of the most diverse districts in the country. In 2021 the district launched a new program called Character Education. According to their website, “Character education is a district-wide initiative based on character traits identified by the community as being important.”

“Welcome to CV. Where we aim for a collaborative learning community, where all individuals have equal opportunities to achieve their fullest potential.”

Conestoga Valley School


Not only is the district one of the most diverse in the country, but many of the suburbs are also the most diverse towns in Lancaster, including the suburb of Leola and the small town of Smoketown.

“Friendly, safe environment, where there are lots of job opportunities. Terrific education system with knowledgeable teachers.”

Resident in Leola

Leola is known for its quick access to Lancaster city and safety within the community. It doesn’t have a lot of stores within the suburb, however you don’t have to drive far to find larger grocery and convince stores. Route 23 runs directly through the suburb and is a convent road to access larger towns and the city.

Smoketown is a quant town, with a plethora of recreational activities including helicopter rides, buggy rides and an antique market. The town is small, but many enjoy the community feel. The .5 mile that the town covers is full of fish historical landmarks, that any history buff would enjoy.


CV is a rural district, without a lot of stores. However it is conveniently located near larger towns and cities. One happy resident reported “I do not even lock my car doors at night, that is how safe.” Another said, “Friendly, safe environment, where there are lots of job opportunities. Terrific education system with knowledgeable teachers.”

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Although the district is not large, you don’t have to drive far to find what you need. The district is a safe rural community, perfect to raise a family. As a company we are dedicated in helping you find a space to thrive. As real estate agents we would love to help you buy or sell your home.



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