Why You Should Move to Lancaster City

We love Lancaster City. It’s the city where we first started designing and renovating homes. It’s the city that many of our friends call home. It’s the city that we walk downtown in the summer, and explore new restaurants in the winter. The historic city of Lancaster offers a wide variety of cultures, heritages, attractions, while also being close to the beautiful country side of Lancaster County. There are also a wide variety of job opportunities and homes to purchase.

History + Location

Within the city you will find all the amenities you love about a small city, but you need only to drive a few miles to be reminded that you’re in Lancaster county – the county filled with farmland, roadside stands and woodland full of hiking trails. Lancaster City is one of the oldest cities in America. It first became a borough in 1742 and was recognized as a city in 1818. It is nestled near the Susquehanna River, but within less than an hour of Philadelphia and Harrisburg. Walking downtown, you will enjoy seeing the historic buildings restored and operating still today, hundreds of years after they were first built.

Lancaster City was actually the capital of the United States during the revolutionary war on September 27, 1777, as congress was fleeing from the British. Not only that, but from 1799 to 1812 Lancaster City was the capital of Pennsylvania. If you enjoy history, if won’t take you long to appreciate the old cobble stone streets, brick buildings and historic church buildings throughout the city.

Attraction + Community

Lancaster City is known to be a very diverse city, which in turn has allowed its downtown to be filled with authentic restaurants from around the world. Some of our own favorites are: Himalayan Curry and Grill, our favorite Nepali and Indian grill. Souvlaki Boys, a delicious Greek restaurant. SukoThai is an authentic Thai restaurant in downtown. And that’s just to name a few of the many restaurants that you can enjoy downtown. The New York Post even named Lancaster City the new Brooklyn in an article, “New Yorkers looking for a quiet respite from city life without sacrificing culture, design and a rich culinary scene should look further west, to Lancaster, PA, to wile away a weekend.” -Raquel Laneri, New York Post.

Lancaster City also works to create community spaces for family and friends to gather. The first Friday of every month is a special Friday for the entire city as they celebrate the arts. Cafe’s have live music, restaurants and stores extend their hours, and some offer unique portions for that night only. It’s a night that you will hear people playing the grand pianos that the city has placed throughout their streets. The city feels like it’s celebrating something every time.

“One of my favorite things about living in Lancaster City was my short walk to work. I would wake up, get ready, and walk down the streets, as the sun rose, to the little cafe I worked at. Picturesque.”

A resident of Lancaster City

One of our favorite places to visit in the city is Central Market. Known as the longest running market in all of the USA. You’ll find quaint small businesses, including fresh produce, ice cream, pretzels, flowers, candy and dozens of other options. It’s a great place to grab lunch as you shop local stands from all around the county. The Science Factory is also a great place to visit if you have children that like to explore.


The cost of living in Lancaster City is lower than the cost of the average city in America. This gives you the opportunity to live in the city, without having to pinch your pennies. From the suburbs of the city, with single unit houses to the row homes of down town, you can find the perfect space for you.

For more information on the pricing and availability of homes search here.

Some of our favorite homes that we sold in this district are:

Broad Street

French cottage mixed with a modern cozy design – this is still one of our favorites from the city.

New Dorwart Street

One of our more unexpected color pallets. We chose Pear as an accent color throughout the house on this project.

Walnut Street

This house really was a fixer-upper but Claude loved redesigning the space. And with some elbow grease and creativity was sold it quickly after the renovation was complete

Prince Street

Probably one of our most recognized project for the green kitchen cabinets. Prince Street will always be an iconic renovation from the city.


With historic foundations and rich community the small city is the perfect space for a new couple to buy their first home, or for a couple to retire within. It’s the place that you can walk and appreciate the stone buildings, old churches, and new cafe’s. A place great to visit, with the downtown shops and Central Market. But an even better place to call home. If you’re looking for a place to thrive, and you think Lancaster City might be the place for you. Contact us.

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