Why You Should Buy a Cape Cod House

Perhaps one of the most easily recognized house, the Cape Cod house is best known for its rectangular shape and timeless exterior. It’s the house that is most popular to appear in a children’s story book as it has a homey, cottage-like look to itself. It first originated on the east coast, but has since been built and used all throughout the USA. It has truly remained as a classic for many reasons and is well-loved by many families.

You may also remember the Cape Cod that we styles and renovated. Our Colombia Ave project was a classical Cape Cod. You can view the gallery here to see the inside and outside of the project. -The picture above is the Colombia Ave house.

What is a Cape Cod House

Though the Cape Cod house can vary in sizes, you will always know a Cape Cod due to some similar features. Cape Cod houses are always rectangular in shape with a steep roof. The front door is always centered with shuttered windows. Inside, you’ll usually find low ceilings and only one floor with maybe a half-second floor. They are known for their amazing curb appeal and classic look.

“A Cape Cod cottage is the kind of house a child would draw if you asked them to draw a picture of a house.”

Kristin Hohenadel

Originally a very small house, modern architects have often added on an additional room or two, either stretching out of the side or back of the house. Dormers are also often added to the second floor to increase the size of the house. Today they are known to come in three sizes, Full Cod, Three-quarter Cod and Half Cod.

Half Cape Cod House
Three-Quarter Cape Cod House
Full Cape Cod House

The Cape Cod is also marked by brick fireplaces, shingled exteriors and wooden floors inside. Classically they were painted white, with black shutters. But today they have adapted and are painted a rainbow of colors.

The History of the Cape Cod House

The Cape Cod house originated in the USA in the 17th century. English colonist adapted the larger house styles that they had seen in Britain, and designed a smaller, cozier, boxier house that would better suite the North-East climate of the colonies.

“When it comes to architecture, Cape Cod house style is as all-American as a fresh slice of apple pie.”

Kelsey Mulvey

The original cape cod houses were built from 1690 to 1850. But the house regained popularity and was built all over the US during the 1900’s. It was during the 1900’s that house really grew in popularity and became an easily recognized house in any state. However, because of their resilience against harsh weather they have remained popular in the Northern states especially.

Price Point and Availability

To find the current price ranges and available search by house type here.

In conclusion, the Cape Cod house has remained a classic for many reasons. It has a timeless, cozy, all-American look about itself. With the various sizes of the house it’s perfect for any couple or small family. With little up-keep they are especially great for new home owners or the home owner looking to downsize and simplify their life style. With it’s history and homey feel, the house is likely to remain a staple in the housing market for centuries to come.

Looking to buy a house with us, check out these Cape Code’s for sale in Lancaster, Berks and Chester County.

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