The Pequea Valley School lies in the heart of Lancaster Country in the Leacock Township, Paradise Township and Salisbury Township. The rural area is filled with rolling hills and farmland. The district gives you the perfect sense of country, but its location keeps you close to a smaller city like Lancaster City, and within an hour’s drive of Reading and Harrisburg. The beauty of the farmland is especially on display during the summer with it’s stunning sunsets in the evening. It’s a great school district to consider in your home buying process.


Pequea Valley School District is complete with 2 Elementary Schools, 1 Middle School and 1 High School. The teacher ratio is 14:1, which is lower than the state average, and over 90% of the teachers have been teaching for three years or more. The Pequea Valley High School varsity soccer team also holds the 2012 State Championship title.

“Pequea Valley School District is a small, close-knit community of students and staff that work together to grow, serve the community, and pursue their future aspirations. There is a high level of mutual respect among students between both themselves and the staff also.”

Senior at Pequea Valley High School


The area is dotted with small towns like Bird in Hand and Intercourse, great places to find a small restaurant or cafe. Many families create memories annually at Cherry Hill Adventure Farm, the place to take your children in the afternoon. Lapp Valley Farms, located near the schools, remains a top place to visit in Lancaster Country for ice cream. And the countryside is filled with small Amish stands where you can easily purchase fresh vegetables or dairy products.


The district offers a peaceful rural feel, with most people owning their own houses. Through the decades the properties in this district have steadily increased in value. It is a safe, quiet place, perfect for raising a family.

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The Pequea Valley School District is at the heart of Lancaster County, and is filled with quiet, safe, peaceful farmland and other rural homes, perfect for any family. The local attractions keep the economy strong and offers a verity of job opportunities. Though it may not be the most bustling place on earth, the simple beauty of the countryside creates a peaceful environment for you to thrive.



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