The Dongal School district is a district located in Mount Joy in Lancaster Country, PA with a rural feel, even as it’s located near cities like Lancaster City and Harrisburg. Dongal is also near large attractions like Hershey Park. You don’t have to drive far to be within the heart of Amish Country. And if you enjoy history you are near Gettysburg or Valley Forge. It’s a great school district to consider in your home buying process.


The district is complete with 2 Elementary Schools, 1 Middle School and 1 High School and has a 17:1 student to teach ration. It’s ranked #35 out of 495 schools for Best Teachers in Pennsylvania. Dedicated to helping each other their students grow the district offers a Mentor Program for each of their students.

Mentoring is a one to one relationship between a caring adult and a younger person, the purpose of which is to establish a bond of trust between the participants, uncover and develop the unique talents and potential of the child and be a benefit to both.

A Creative Mentor in the Donegal School District


The charming area isn’t the most bustling district ever, but it is a peaceful place to create a home. Large cities located nearby offer all the amenities you’d like from a city including restaurants and stores. The amusement park Hershey Park is within a thirty minute drive. But the district itself also offers its own unique attractions including an alpaca farm, a large library, and multiple vineyards.


Mount Joy, PA, offers people a suburban feel, and most residents own their homes. However you don’t have to drive far from Mount Joy to find a plethora of farmland. The cost of living is lower then the countries average and it is ranked safer then most areas in the USA.

“It’s a pleasant, small town. Lots of people know each other, yet it’s large enough to busy. I’ve lived in this town for most of my life and have enjoyed it. I have great neighbors and family, who live here.”

A Resident of Mount Joy

“I love Mount Joy! It is a small town with wonderful people,fun family events,many smaller local businesses,and a wonderful public library.”

A Resident of Mount Joy

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The district isn’t large but you won’t want to overlook it for you and your family. It’s location is ideal for those who are looking for rural or subrural housing, while still being located to larger cities for your o commute to.




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