It’s All About the Exterior

The exterior of your home is the first thing people see when they come to your house. It is the thing that can make your house stand out on the street: the thing that can help your house feel complete. We love designing the exteriors of our homes! We paint them – black, white, green. We add words into cement. We look at the details, the doors, the windows, and the house number.

New Dorwart Street

“FAITH LIKE A CHILD” the words that we carefully applied to the cement outside of the New Dorwart Street house. There’s something about applying words to a cement block that you know will last through time. But we didn’t just focus on the cement – we painted the house white, with a matching white light. Painted the trim black for contrast, with a matching house number painted high. But the star of the show is the Pear colored door that we painted. This color matched the unique color we installed throughout the house on the interior. Adding a few pops of color on the outside that coordinate with the theme colors on the inside is a really fun way to tie the whole home together and really make it feel designed.

Broad Street

Perhaps our greatest transformation. We took a generic brick building, with old white trim, an outdated door and windows and just a boring look overall and turned it into a modern building with really impressive curb appeal.

We painted “This must be the place…” in white against the brick that we painted dark Polo Blue (by Benjamin Moore). We tore down the old porch roof and used reclaimed wooden beams to make a new modern looking overhang. We took out all the old windows and installed new windows that matched the new black trim. We installed a unique light with a true glass flame and refinished the door to create the final look.

Walnut Street

For the Walnut Street house we wanted something that looked new and modern – and we accomplished that by painting the brick white and installing all new black trim windows and repainted the door. For the porch railing we installed reclaimed wood posts and wrapped the headers. We pressed “THE SUN WILL RISE.” into the concrete, to finish the exterior look.

Prince Street

The old formstone look is just so uninspiring, so we knew that it needed to be changed. We started by painting the exterior this deep green Fig Tree (by Behr) color, and painted the trim to match. To make a statement we installed a new wooden door and refinished the natural wood with a clear finish. We even added the house number in two places – one subtle with black metal letters above the mailbox and another painted in large white letters in the upper corner of the house.

Columbia Avenue

The cute cape cod: we loved painting the Columbia Avenue house dark blue to stand out (Polo Blue by Benjamin Moore). The trim we painted black, and installed windows to match. For a more delicate look we installed wooden flower boxes that complimented the refinished door perfectly.

Towne Drive

We wanted Towne Drive to make a statement when you drove by it or if you arrived at the house – so we painted the exterior white to make it stand out in a neighborhood of mostly 2000’s era taupe and red brick homes. For contrast we added black shutters that matched the large black door. In cursive we painted the address of the house to give it more of an elegant look, but we also added the house number with black metal numbers next to the door. As a final touch we added a bunny door knocker and shutter hardware to make the shutters look more life like.

The Railroad Masters

By now you may have noticed a theme of us painting addresses and words on the side of houses, and the Railroad Masters house was no exception. The old building used to be a railroad station, and we wanted to honor that heritage so we painted the exterior a simple gray with white trim. But the piece that really completed the look were the black doors.

Our “Ode to the 70’s” Airbnb

Painting the house we bought black was a bold move, a move that we never regretted. The plan was simple, paint everything black – and in the end it was better than we could have planned. We used Onyx Black by Sherwin Williams.

Black trim. Black siding. Black roof. Back chimney. Black railings. Black doors. Black windows. Sometimes it’s best to just stick to one color for a more cohesive look. In the end, the bold choice paid off. We also worked to install an in-ground heated pool so that our guests could swim.

The Horst Project

If you follow us on our Instagram account you may remember when we renovated the Horst Project as we asked for opinions on what to do with the exterior of the house. Everything about this house was outdated, and so we got to work updating the house and completely changing the look of the house. To save a few dollars on the budget we painted the white vinyl window frames black rather than replacing them.

We started with the controversial choice of tearing down the large porch, and instead installing a small front porch to allow the house to look more stately and give it more of a New England look. We then installed new siding on the entire house and installed black windows and doors on the new addition. The back of the house and each side of the house were designed to also make their own statements, and be just as beautiful as the front. We enjoyed working with Horsts and helping them design a home that they could thrive in.

The exterior of your house is the first and last thing that people see when they drive by and when they visit your home. We know that, and that’s why we design your exterior to make a statement. You could choose a simple look like black with white trim, or white with black trim, or you could choose to go more bold painting everything one color. We carefully select the colors and each small detail of your exterior to help design a home that you can thrive in.

If you’d like to work with us to design your home, check out this page.


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