Bedroom Inspiration

Your bedroom is a space that you want to design so that you can relax and feel inspired when you wake up. We understand the importance of a soft mattress and quality bedding, but even more than that we know that the colors of the walls, the placement of the window, and even the ceiling all play a role in how your room makes you feel.

Broad Street

Our cozy cottage project on Broad Street turned out better than we could have imagines. We painted the bedroom black and white, with the top half white and the bottom half black. Inspired by England cottages, we added light curtains to allow the natural light to come in through the windows. The ceilings were low, but with the top parts of the wall matching the ceiling it made the room feel bigger, but it also kept it feeling cozy. Top it off with simple cream bedding and the master bedroom was perfect.

Prince Street

Prince Street was our project inspired to be a fun display of color throughout the entire home. All throughout the house we added different theme colors. The room we think that really made a statement with it’s Pear color was the bedroom. We knew that we wanted something more than just one accent wall – but we didn’t want to paint the entire room yellow. So we designed this fun half white, half Pear design. This allowed the room to make a statement, without it feeling overwhelming. Top it off with a fun gold light fixture and the result were exactly what we wanted.

Louise Avenue

Sometimes simple is the best. We wanted to design a room that was light and airy – so we started by painting the room entirely white. We added simple gold fixtures and allowed the sunlight to stream through the large window. Also peep the fun wooden dresser and mirrors that we found at a used furniture store in our own town.

The Horst Project

For the master bedroom at the Horst house we painted the walls a soft gray with white trim. We added elegant furniture with the gold mirror and light pink bed frame. For the statement piece of the room we hung a woven light fixture in the middle of the room.

The Patrick Project

Do you have an attic that you’re not using? Don’t let it go to waste. For the Patrick Project we renovated the attic and designed a gorgeous bedroom. We started by leaving the wood beams exposed and painted the brick white to match the walls and ceiling. We installed black doors that led to the bathroom. For the light we hung a gold fixture. Finished it off with all white soft bedding and two rugs – the end result was better than we even imagined.

Columbia Avenue

The room with the large tapestry. You don’t always have the luxury to paint or wallpaper a wall to make a statement – but don’t let that stop you form adding something fun to your walls. We love hanging tapestries – and this bedroom was no exception. We added a simple gold light fixture at the center of the room. We decorated the room with the gorgeous comforter and throw pillows, and it was complete.

Our “Ode to the 70’s” Airbnb

Our Airbnb is inspired by the 70’s – and mainly decorated with finds from thrift stores and garage sales. We wanted to let the decorations and furniture speak for itself so we painted the rooms white, and hung light curtains to let the natural light in.

New Dorwart Street

The New Dorwart Street project was a house in the city – an older building constructed with a lot of brick. Old brick that we didn’t love – so we painted it white. To leave a piece of the old home in the new home we let the bottom portion of the wall keep the old wallpaper. You know we love a small gold light fixture – which we installed in this room. Also peep our fun neon lightening bolt.

Town Drive

Black and white, similar to Broad street, but different. Instead of the cottage feel: we designed the home to feel more modern. The bedroom was no exception. We let the one wall make a statement with the 3/4 black paint on raised panel trim that we added. The rest of the room we painted white – which let the wall make a statement but didn’t make the room feel small. We decorated with the bamboo headboards, space photos and a green couch – in the end the master bedroom was perfect.

In another bedroom we added an accent wall with cloud wallpaper. After all, isn’t your bedroom a place to dream? The simple wallpaper made a big statement in the room and the final results were great.

The Railroad Masters

The house designed next to a railroad track, and inspired by the railroad. We left the walls simple white – which allowed the light fixtures to stand out. In the bedroom we installed a black chandelier. And in another room we installed a wooden light fixture in the middle of the room. We also painted the one floor white – which left the small bedroom feeling larger and brighter. And of course the small black and white light fixtures that we installed on either side of the bed completed the room.

In another part of the house we installed shiplap to the walls and accented with black fixtures – a small room making a simple statement.

Your bedroom cannot be neglected. It’s a space that should allow you to relax and sleep in peace. We love to work with out clients and design bedrooms that allow you to thrive in every area of your life.

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