It’s All About the Dining Room

Gathering around a table, whether you’re with friends or family can make some of the best memories. Your table is a place for conversation, fellowship and laughter. A room that is used so often for guests and family cannot be overlooked.

We’ve had the privilege of designing different types of dining rooms for each of our projects. Some rooms shared a mirror, large wooden table, big open windows, exposed beams or the perfect light fixture. Some rooms were designed to be bold and unit, while others were designed for a minimalist look. But each project was designed with the thought of creating a space for fellowship. A room designed to hold a table, ready for meals and laughter shared with family.

Louise Avenue

We designed this dining room to be bright and airy with the window and light paint. But it was also designed to give it an earthy tone with the accents of wood and the hardwood floor. To update the outdated banister board, we painted it white so that it wasn’t even noticed. Added a large gold mirror to set off the accents of the unique light fixture and the room was ready for a table and guests.

Towne Drive

For the Towne Drive home we took a different approach and instead of designing the room to hide the banister, we chose a bolder look. We designed the room with black and white accents. Starting with the half black wall, and finalizing it with the black and white light fixture in the center.

We also wanted to give them a smaller space to eat as a family. Inspired by the large windows in this small nook in the house, we designed this space to be light and airy. With long curtains and the round light fixture the space felt light and welcoming.

Broad Street

Did someone say wood beams? The broad street project was full of these large wood beams, complimented by a gorgeous hard wood floor. We painted the walls white and added a unique light fixture and loved the way it turned out. But our favorite part of the room was adding a large wooden table, finishing off the industrial look of this dining room.

Prince Street

Perhaps our boldest choice. We were inspired to design a room with the same colored walls and ceiling. The color was imperative to get correct, and when we saw this gorgeous rust color we knew it would be the color for this space.

Columbia Avenue

We love to design bold and unique spaces, but sometimes the minimalist look is the style that matches the house. This was the case with the Columbia Avenue dining room. We loved the look of the exposed beams and decided that the best design to compliment the open floor plan was all white walls and trim, with the light wicker light fixture. The hardwood floors and wooden stools were a great choice to compliment the white walls and wooden beams.

“It’s a wonderful time when you sit around a table and discuss life.”


The Feakins Project

The Feakins knew that they wanted a space to host people. A large table ready for their friends and family. Something that wouldn’t be too busy but still made a statement. We loved the way the wooden beams stand out against the white walls, and with the light from the large window the space was complete for all their guests to make memories.

The Railroad Master House

The Railroad Master House used to be an old railroad station. We were inspired by the heritage of the building and designed the house with the railroad in mind. This meant that we created a space with black fixtures and the exposed beams, accenting the stones of the one wall. Creating a space for a family, while honoring the history of the building.

“The fondest memories are made when sitting around a table.”


In conclusion, your dining room is a space for family and friends to gather and make memories. A room created to be filled with laughter and conversation. It can be a space to honor the history of the home, to be a bold statement and standout, or a minimalist look with light and space. Whatever your preference we love designing the room that you need! Looking into designing your space, check out our process here.


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