Why You Should Choose a Colonial Style House

Though the name sounds old the Colonial style houses have remain popular through the last several centuries. Known to be specious with a stately look to them they are especially popular on the East Coast and have a large curb appeal in most areas. So whether you are looking to buy a home to upgrade or you’d like to design a new home to build, the Colonial Style house is a great place to start.

According to Homes and Gardens, “‘Colonial style house’ is an umbrella term that describes an iconic part of the US architectural landscape. This signature house style is one of the most popular property styles in the US due to its innate charm and period character.” (homesandgarden)

What is Colonial-Style House

True Colonial homes haven’t been built since the American Revolution. However the two-story spacious, symmetrical, simple look complete with fireplaces and a formal entryway has remained a popular home for larger families.

Most colonial houses are rectangular in shape, with a gabled roof, and brick, wood or vinyl siding. Inside the house is usually centered around the kitchen, with a large fireplace, and natural hardwood floors.

There are multiple different styles of Colonial homes, the Early American Colonial, the Modern Colonial, the French Colonial and the Dutch Colonial, to name a few.

“This signature house style is one of the most popular property styles in the US due to its innate charm and period character.”

Homes And Garden
French Colonial Style source

The History of Colonial Houses

As many homes from history have done, the Colonial houses have adapted and changed throughout the years. The peak of the Colonial homes was during the American revolution, but their popularity became less during the early 1800’s as the Victorian Style became popular (Check out our blog post on Victorian Homes here). But during the late 1800’s the Colonial style reemerged in popularity. Many people attribute it’s popularity growth to the Worlds Fair held in Philadelphia and the 100-year celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This style home is just timeless and the open concept of the house has once again gained popularity in the last ten years.

Price-Point and Availability

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In conclusion, the Colonial Style home is not just a house with rich history, it is a home designed for larger families. It is usually a house with a beautiful exterior and large fireplace – perfect for nights at home. Though it is most popular on the East Coast, we believe these houses would be perfect for any family, any where.

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