Why You Should Choose A Victorian Home

We are especially partial to the Victorian Style home because we – Chris and Claude – live in one now. It was our first home as a married couple, and it was the renovation of our Victorian home that inspired us to start our own business. The Victorian home may seem outdated with its closed concept interior, but it will always remain one of our favorites because of the stately exterior. The inside of a house can always be changed, but it’s much harder to add architectural elements to a house already built – which is what the Victorian houses are most recognized for.

What is a Victorian House?

The Victorian house first appeared in the early nineteenth century, and has changed throughout the course of history. Due to the stately architect of this house, the style has been adapted for many churches and universities throughout North America, Europe and Australia. With 200 hundred years of popularity the house can vary from style to style. The three most popular styles though are the Gothic Revival, Queen Anne and Folk Victorian.

Nearly all Victorian homes are unified in several different elements. Most of them are at least two stories and often three stories high with steep roofs. They are usually designed with intrinsic woodwork and painted in rich colors. They are often tall straight buildings, with small rooms and high ceilings. If you prefer a more closed concept house, this is the perfect design for you! Their architect is usually more detailed and they often have large high windows. Many people fall in love with this style due to its castle or doll like appearance.

Gothic Revival Victorian Style
Queen Anne Victorian Style
Folk Victorian Style

Many people fall in love with this style due to its castle or doll like appearance.

The History of Victorian Houses

The original Victorian homes first emerged in 1837 and grew in popularity through the entire nineteenth century. They first emerged in Great Britain and in many Britain colonies during the reign of Queen Victoria – which is where they got their name. Since the nineteenth century the Victorian home has remained popular, but it has also evolved and changed throughout time.

Price-Point and Availability

To find the current price points of Victorian homes in our service region jump to our website: https://thechrisandclaudeco.com/search-by-house-type/

In conclusion, as you can see the Victorian house is perfect for a growing family with many rooms to expand and the large windows. We often drive by these homes and image the wonderful bedroom or library that could be built in the oval rooms with the large windows. Though they are an older style, we don’t think they’ll ever be out of style.

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