Why We Do Real Estate

We are known as The Chris & Claude Co- Creative Space Designers, but, below all of the things we design we have a canvas for our creativity. This canvas is the home or business space that we are working on- also known as real property or real estate. Today I want to talk for just a bit about why we are not only creative space designers but also real estate agents.

In our world of real estate interactions, we find many people who are looking for a home because they desire to have a place to call their own, a place that can be their own sanctuary, perhaps a place where they can build a family. While a home is this and so much more, many people miss the fact that a home can and should be viewed as an investment. When a person who owns real estate allows us to guide them through the real estate sales and creative design process, their home has the potential to increase in value and become a great investment.

As we assist our real estate clients, one of the primary things we look for in a house, besides looking for a great home, is a place that has the potential to be a great investment. I believe this perspective towards real estate is one of the primary attributes that sets us apart in the real estate market.

People spend a lot of time researching and building their investment portfolios; however, so many times people miss one of their greatest assets- their own home. People can make a huge return on their home investment by purchasing a place with the correct characteristics and location, by creatively designing their space and by correctly staging and marketing their property for resale. TheChris&ClaudeCo. helps with each of these pieces of the investment puzzle no matter which stage you find yourself in right now.

Again, we are not only creative space designers but also, real estate advisors and investors. We do this in a number of different ways.

1. We are here to be your real estate agent. Specifically, our job is to find a home with the potential for creative design and that’s located in a developing neighborhood, which has the most potential to increase in value.

2. We are here to be your creative resource, whether this is in design consultation, construction services, or simply design inspiration we are here to help you make your home an awesome place to spend time and a place that will appeal to others- thus increasing the value of your space.

3. We are here to help you market your property for resale. With our staging services we can help to bring your property to its full potential when it hits the market. We estimate the staging has the potential to add as much as $10,000 to the value of a moderately sized home and possibly more value on larger homes.

4. We can invest your money in real estate. Due to our real estate expertise we have the ability to purchase real estate at sheriff sales, tax sales and other places where there is considerable potential for an increase in value. Money that is made available to us, is used to purchase homes with potential and the investor is paid a return on his investment. We believe southeastern Pennsylvania has some of the best opportunities in real estate available anywhere. Let us put your money to work for you right here in our local area.

We are excited about the opportunities that will be available in 2017. Let us know how we can put our creativity to work for you in the coming year.





Sincerely, Chris


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