Tired 8,000sqft home gets a classic & much needed makeover

Oliver & Nadina Feakins are a lovely couple that we were gifted a friendship with through the process of helping them find their forever home. They reached out to us to assist in the real estate search & we ended up helping them with the design & renovation of the home they found!

We wrapped up this project quite some time ago – but please enjoy this walk down memory lane with us…

Every homeowner has to compile their list of “Must Haves” – the Feakins had their list & it was a bit special because they wanted a place that would have guest quarters for Nadina’s parents who were moving in with them. This narrowed down the list of available homes to buy tremendously, but it also added a really unique aspect to their home!

As we walked through countless homes that were on the Lancaster County Real Estate Market with them, none of them were perfect – but then we walked through this home – and everything lined up! The location, the size, the ability to have a space turned into a home for Nadina’s parents – everything lined up, except for the aesthetic 😉

So we got to work designing & renovating & bless their hearts, they spent quite a long season living upstairs while the downstairs was being renovated – which is never ever a fairy tale haha.

As is always the goal, we want a home to reflect the Homeowners – them as individuals & them as a couple & who they truly are.

Ollie & Nadina are genuine souls who host big gatherings & will probably always have someone living with them as they make the world a better place.

We wanted a welcoming & soft space that would make everyone feel at home, while bringing out Nadina’s cultural flair & love of color, wood & design. We pulled in lots of whites, wood & colorful accents throughout.

Becca worked so diligently & beautifully on this project as she walked alongside Nadina during the design process. The process of finding a client’s design style is not an overnight ordeal & takes much time & love & working with the client. Again, overall, the home should be a reflection of the client & what they want & love & how they want to live.

Ollie & Nadina stayed healthily & heavily involved in this project as we designed & renovated. As should be the case for devoted homeowners 🙂

I love how everything turned out – but I really love the Feakin’s grand kitchen – you walk in this home & immediately can tell you are going to be treated like royalty… her parents currently are living with them & are known to cook up extravagant meals in this kitchen, so it’s loved & lived in for sure.

As we walked alongside the Feakins, we realized how truly special they were & how deep their hearts for the world ran – we learned they had started a foundation to help those in need, called The Feakins Foundation & our admiration for them grew.

We so appreciated being able to bring their home to life & have it be a space that reflected them as a couple…


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