Looking Back at 2020, Embracing the Adventure of 2021

I’m parroting like a million people by saying this, but 2020 was a doozy of a year. Some jobs were lost, other jobs moved from the workplace to the home, and all of us felt a bit less secure in the world than before. Needless to say, all of our comfort zones were stretched. However, I think we can agree that as our comfort zones were stretched, we were forced to really evaluate where we are and determine why we do what we do. So, to kick off 2021, here’s why The Chris & Claude Co exists.

My Recent Burn Out

A while back I, (Chris) was burned out for two reasons: the pressures of leading our team and the pressures of needing to be creative. I needed to reset.  So, I took an afternoon off from work and sat in the conservatory at Longwood Gardens.

It’s hard to describe what happened to my soul in that place. Surrounded by the smell of orchids, the sound of the water and the natural light streaming through the glass, my soul was revived. Removing myself from the cause of the stress reminded me why the stress is worth it. Without sounding too cliché, I really did feel a burst of fresh inspiration. Experiencing the creative beauty of Longwood Gardens helped me to remember the power a creative space can have on a human being. 

What We Do

The Chris & Claude Co exists to help you create your own little piece of heaven on earth: a place to belong, to be refreshed, and to be energized for your life’s journey. Just like my afternoon in Longwood Gardens helped me to step back from the pressures I was feeling, our homes should be places that relieve us from the stresses we all experience. Our company exists to help people purchase and create the kinds of spaces that refresh and inspire.

Why We Do What We Do

Why do we believe these spaces are important? We believe in an awesome God who expressed His creativity in creation and in heaven- a place where His people will one day live. We believe in creating opportunities, through our work, to point people to God and the ultimate rest and refreshment that Heaven will bring.

Why Choose Us?

The Chris & Claude Co is different from most design companies because several of our team members are also licensed real estate agents with Kingsway Realty.  This means that if we are helping you with a renovation project (commercial or residential) you are getting the best advice for how to leverage the value of your home.  If we are showing you a home to buy or helping you to sell your home, we can give the best advice available from a home designer’s view point.  

We saw a need for real estate agents who could speak the language of design.  And we saw a need for designers who understood the dynamics of purchasing real estate.  The Chris & Claude Co exists to fill these gaps and be a connection between real estate and design.

Join the Adventure, Or Let us Join Yours

It’s 2021 and if you haven’t yet, it’s time to purchase your own space for refreshment and inspiration.  Start the search for your future home here or send us a message and we can search for you.  If you already have a space of your own but need design assistance – tell us more about your project. We’d be honored to walk alongside you. 

We are so excited and ready for 2021.  Join us on the adventure of another year, or better yet, invite us along on your adventure.

Sincerely, The Chris & Claude Co Team 

Check out our Instagram for some inspiration like this creative tile design we created a few years back.


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