Inspiration Comes Many Ways- Our Family’s Trip to Texas

Inspiration comes in many ways. For us, one of our favorite ways to glean inspiration is by exploring & visiting new places. We love to hit up that new local coffee shop, co-working building, creative space or park in our free time.

Yes, we are a husband + wife team, yes, we get to raise our family together while being business partners, & yes, this is such a gift – but wowzers, it’s also a big responsibility, we feel the weight of this daily, and pray that we can carry it well.

As small business owners, I think it’s important to get away & refuel, connect as a family & dream for the future. Without a doubt, when we make the decision to get away for a short spell (even for just one afternoon, a day trip or a weekend) we come back refreshed + stronger than ever.

And thus it was so during our recent trip to Texas.

So yes, I know the whole world is migrating to Waco these days, & although I was never one to be swept along with the herd, I gotta give it to Joanna, she has done an amazing job of inspiring the world, and I wanna be like that (why yes we are on a first name basis. heh.)

We have wanted to visit San Antonio’s beautiful river walk for quite some time, so why not combine our vacation with a ‘field trip’ and hit up Waco on the way home. Glorious idea.

San Antonio was just as they say that it is, breathtakingly beautiful.

We strolled the river walk (which by some miracle Canon didn’t fall into) visited the Zoo (#momlife) and talked of our dreams for Honey Brook to someday be as beautiful as this place is.

It’s interesting to note, that the San Antonio River Walk wasn’t always beautiful, it was built then designed.

I just can’t help wondering what God has up his sleeve for this ol’ town… Whatever it may be, may it be brought to fruition!

Our good friend (as good of friends as you can be with a multi-billion dollar company) Airbnb took good care of us during our trip – in San Antonio we stayed in a super modern concrete apartment. It needed a few rugs thrown in there, but it was a dream.

The next part of our trip. Waco, was of course, much anticipated. We managed to snag lodging at ‘The Shotgun House” – one of Chip & Jo’s fixer uppers from Season 3. Quite well done, if I daresay so myself.

“uhh hey Canon maybe don’t touch that… uh Canon doooon’t break that… Careful with that relic Canon…”

Poor guy. Perhaps a hotel room with less tv heirlooms would have done the trick. But hey, they had Netflix – so Clifford the Big Red Dog for dayzzz.

By the way, The Silos Baking Co makes some mean cupcakes.
(How does she do it all. I really do not know)
Come to think of it, I could really go for one of those right about now.

I loved Magnolia, but even more so, I loved the unusual coffee shops we hit up on the way home. As we drove through some big cities, I would Google ‘best coffee shops to visit in ______” – bless Google’s non-existent heart, she came thru every time. & along with some great recommendations from Instagram besties, we made out good. Red garage doors opening up to reveal this super hipster coffee shop, yes please.

A coffee shops with indoor swings, waffles & cushions for seating – now we’re talking!

So many Ideas, can I please remember them all and find some way to incorporate them into our someday-Lord-Willing-maybe-coffee-shop. (#DreamersGottaDream #CreatorsGottaCreate)
Really though, the world is such a creative place. Go out and explore it. Go out and be inspired by it. Go out and change it.



With love, Claude


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