Have Your Home Show-Ready — Even With Kids

Life with kids is hectic, between work, school, friends and other commitments, it can be hard to even think of selling your house. Even though it’s a chaotic time, that can work to your advantage. As countless other families look for their new home base, you can put yourself in a position to make your property stand out. Here are a few tips on getting and keeping your property in a show-ready state — despite the flurry of activity in your household.

Start with Repairs

First things first, before working on the cosmetic pieces, you want to make sure all repairs are taken care of. A leaking pipe or a cracked window could be a huge turn off to a buyer. Since you’re already busy wrangling school and after school schedules on top of your normal work and life routine, this is where you might want to call in some help. A local handyman will be able to take care of most projects. If it’s something bigger like plumbing or electrical, it’s best to call a professional. Bob Vila notes that independent handyman contractors typically cost between $60 and $70 per hour, while those who work through companies are about $125 per hour.

Move on to the Yard

The grass is still green and the trees are in full bloom, which gives you an opportunity to showcase the best features of your home’s exterior. Your summer lawn care routine should continue while your home is on the market. This includes mowing and keeping weeds out of the flower beds. But beyond that, you will also need to consider the tidiness of the lawn. When you have kids, that is easier said than done.

The key to enhancing your curb appeal is to keep it clean. You can reduce visual clutter by storing toys out of sight. Also, ensure that tall foliage, such as flowers and shrubbery, are properly pruned and do not obstruct the view. Encourage the kids to use one toy at a time and employ their assistance picking up stray branches. Older children can help by sweeping walkways and pulling weeds.

An Exceptional Interior

Now that your curb appeal is in check, it is time to turn your attention to the interior. Remove any unnecessary furniture and decor and then get to work fixing imperfections (nail holes, dirty/peeling paint). You want each room to look move-in ready, and aim for neutral colors and decor. You can explore living room layout ideas to get an idea of how to coordinate a space that will appeal to buyers. When in doubt, your best bet is to connect with the professionals at The Chris & Claude Company for help presenting your home in its best light.

You may also consider bringing in a dedicated cleaning service in the early stages of getting your home ready to sell. A cleaning service not only allows your home to get on the market faster, but it helps customers visualize themselves living there.

Lastly, the furniture you’re using to stage the home looks a little worse for wear, consider hiring a professional to give it some attention. For example, if your sofa has stains the whole family has contributed to, a furniture upholstery service can make those a little more presentable. However, according to Angi.com, you’ll spend an average of $652 for furniture upholstery (less for smaller items), so you’ll want to focus on the furniture in your house that makes a statement.

Minding the Gap

Even with assistance, it’s generally a good idea to create a schedule for everyone in the family so they know which chores must be completed every day. Small actions, such as ensuring pillows stay in cases, putting socks where they belong, and hanging backpacks in dedicated spaces will go a long way toward your home care efforts. Keep in mind that even the youngest members of your crew can pitch in and do their part.

Keeping children’s bedrooms clean is difficult at any time, but when your house is on the market, all areas should look put together. There is no shame in playing hardball with school- and teen-aged kids by enacting temporary rules of early bedtimes for each out-of-place item. Remind them that the tidier things are now, the easier it will be when it is time to move on to your new living situation. 

Moving is stressful and is compounded at every turn by kids, cleaning, and your other obligations. But keep your eyes on the prize, and don’t feel bad about getting help for the short amount of time your home is not your own. 

For advice and assistance with creating fabulous spaces, house hunting and selling your property, connect with The Chris & Claude Company! Call 717-201-0838 for more information.

– article written by our guest author, Adam Taylor – taylorandnoel.com


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