Our Favorite Rugs and Light Fixtures Source List


Today I’m gifting you sources to some of my favorite recent home purchases!

If you ask me what some of my favorite things to buy for a house are, I’d tell ya straight up – Light Fixtures & Rugs.

Two hidden gems that often get overlooked..

I’m absolutely loving this crazy rug fad going on – It reminds me of the dudes crazy sweater in the Princess Diaries movie – “Uhm…was the sweater designed for you or did the knitting machine just blow up?”

So when picking rugs these days, I head straight down the Moroccan-knitting-machine-blew-up road.

Don’t stop me anytime soon.

I’ve compiled a few of my favorite rugs & light fixtures from the Hazel Street home staging & am have included the links so that you can enjoy them for yourself!


Living Room Rug

Rugs USA but discontinued

Jute Rug:


Attic Rug and White Sheepskin:

Large Industrial Lamp and Chandelier:

Vintage Purple Persian Rug and Gray Sheepskin:

Gold/Black Lamp:

Round Tree Ring Rug

no longer available…

Light Fixture:

Bathroom Chandelier and Sconces:


1. Lamp

2. Sconces

3. Small Chandelier

4. Attic Chandelier

5. Table Lamp

6. Light Fixture

7. Chandelier

1. Jute Rug

2. Sadly not the tree ring rug- but another beauty similar to the Tree Ring Rugs

3. White Sheepskin

4. Sheepskin

5. Vintage Purple Rug

6. Green Tassled Beauty


With love, Claude


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