It’s All About the Fixtures

We’re known for our big picture designs. A bright color we incorporated throughout the house; or the design style we adopted from the past; or you may even recognize our project just by driving by and seeing the exterior of a house. But we don’t just focus on the big picture, we carefully pick and design every small detail – including the fixtures we use for your sinks and the handles we install on your cabinets.

Broad Street

Broad Street was our French cottage inspired project. The house was ugly and uninspiring before we started, but once we created the mood boards with the idea to go with the French cottage style, we were excited to design each detail. In the kitchen we chose gold accents with a lovely faucet and the gold cabinet handles. The faucet swiveled beautifully and really set the tone for the sink. In the bathroom we chose a tall silver faucet which allowed the unique sink to shine.

Louise Avenue

For the Louise Avenue house we wanted to pick fixtures that complimented each room. In one bathroom we kept it a simple silver to allow the original vintage sink to be the star. In another bathroom we chose black fixtures in the one bathroom, matching the black tub and the black and white sink.

In the kitchen we chose a gold faucet to perfectly compliment the large farmhouse sink. We matched the gold tone with cute minimalist cabinet handles that allowed the pink color to be the highlight of the room. What truly completed the look was the gold nobs on the oven and we even matched the gold tones with the gold in the mugs on the shelf. The results are the proof that you can mix and match the color of your fixtures throughout your house.

New Dorwart Street

For New Dorwart Street’s kitchen we needed something to match the yellow cabinets so we chose minimal black handles for the cabinets and a black faucet. This gave the kitchen a refined feeling without clashing with the cabinets.

Prince Street

Prince Street isn’t known for its fixtures – instead it’s known for the colorful paint and unique tile. But even with all the work we put into choosing the color throughout the house – we still carefully chose each fixture we installed. When designing the project we were “inspired by some archived color blocking photos from a few years ago and decided to go bold”. This made it imperative that we didn’t chose fixtures that would clash with our already unique and colorful design.

In the bathroom we found these black fixtures which complimented the bright tile we chose. In the kitchen we chose a black faucet that matched the door handle. But to keep with our unique look we chose some vintage looking cabinet handles with the cutest design. The results were everything we hoped they would be.

The Railroad Masters

The Railroad Masters house has many unique design points we could highlight, but for this blog we chose the bathroom sink faucet with their special handles. Also peep the gorgeous sink that sits on a marble countertop.

Walnut Street

Whoever said black is boring didn’t see the fixtures we chose for the Walnut Street house. In the kitchen we had installed a large farmhouse sink so we knew we needed a faucet that would make it easy to reach the entire sink. We found the perfect black fixture, we love that it has a unique look without being too loud in the space.

In the bathroom we knew we needed a shower head that wouldn’t clash with the newly exposed walls. When we saw this long faucet from a Chinese manufacture that could hang high, complete with the lower hand nozzle, we knew we had struck gold with the design. This didn’t work out so well however when we found out that the threads were not compatible with normal American plumbing threads. After some hard search we were able to figure out a way to make it adapt.

The Patrick Project

For the Patrick Project bathroom we did a little something different – we mixed gold and black fixtures in the same room. But before you say we’re crazy, look at the results. We installed an elegant wallpaper behind the vanity and knew that we wanted to keep the look elegant. So we chose gold fixtures with small white handles matched by a gold light (but you’ll have to read about that in our It’s All About the Light blog coming soon).

In the shower we chose black fixtures to match the black French style shower window. But what brought the look together was the gold handle on one side of the French doors leading to the bathroom and a black handle on the other side.

The Feakins Project

The Feakins Project is proof that silver fixtures can look elegant and modern. We chose a silver faucet with matching x-styled handles for the bathroom sink paired with elaborate matching shower fixtures. In the kitchen we chose sleek silver double handled faucet in the kitchen.

Towne Drive

For the Towne Drive bathroom we wanted it to feel modern, clean and bright. To achieve this look we mixed black and silver fixtures to compliment the nearly all white room. For the sink we matched the mirror and the gray marble tones in the floor tile with a silver faucet. In the bathroom we chose a silver shower head and silver nozzle and paired it with a black handle and black hinges.

The Horst Project

We wanted to end with a unique shower choice so of course we had to highlight the shower fixtures for the Horst Project. In the Horst Project bathroom we chose a standard gold faucet and handles for the sink. But in the shower chose a gold shower head that hung high and a lower shower handle with matching handles that made the bathroom feel luxurious.

In conclusion, every detail of your house is important, right down to the fixtures you chose. Whether you chose to style your home with all silver, black or gold – or you may chose to mix it up. – we love to help our clients pick out the details they need to create a space to thrive.

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